DUA (Prayer)

DUA (Prayer)

by Ahmad Hussain

Dua (prayer) is my fourth studio album and is a musical journey combining mystic poetry woven together with traditional melodies and contemporary compositions.

For this album I have used modern and traditional orchestral instruments performed by master musicians from around the world playing extraordinary instruments such as the Santoor, Sarangi, Sitar, Dilruba, Kemenche and 30 piece string section amongst other percussive instruments.

I had the honour of working alongside renowned lyricist SM Sadiq to create some of the amazing poetry you will devour in this album. You will also hear the sacred words of legendary poets such as Purnam Allahabadi, Maulana Zafar Ali Khan and Naeem Hashmi.

I pray that the sounds resonating in this album and the thoughtful words will strike a chord with all the listeners.

Ahmad Hussain | May 2018 | Ramadan 1439

Track Listing

Ya Mustafa
Haal e Dil
Chehra Nur e Qamar
Classic Nasheed Medley
Sun le Sadaa
Mujko Bedard Zamaane Se
Jeena Hain Mushkil
Missing You (Featuring SK)
Ab To Bas (Bonus Track)